510 Threaded Battery Rosey Champagne Gold Starter Kit
510 Threaded Battery Rosey Champagne Gold Starter Kit

510 Threaded Battery Rosey Champagne Gold Starter Kit

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An elegant addition to your collection, this vaping starter kit is great for any level of vaper. It’s discreet, stylish, and powerful. A rose gold vape pen dresses up your style. Whether it’s a date night or a business function, you can dab with elegance.

Stylish and Striking

At StayLit Design, you don’t have to compromise quality for style, because we give you both. Our rose gold vaping starter kit comes with a 510 threaded battery and a built-in 350mAh lithium battery guaranteed to last. Three separate voltage settings let you control your vaping experience, no matter how thick or thin your oil, concentrate, or wax may be. Our rose gold vape pen is compatible with all 510 cartridges (cartridges sold separately).

Main Features:

  • 510 Thread battery and USB charger
  • Button Pen: Press button for on/off, preheat, and volt adjustment
  • On/Off: Press button 5 times for on/off
  • Variable Voltage: Press button 3 times to adjust volt:
    • Green: 2.6V
    • Blue: 3.3V
    • Red: 4.2V
  • Preheat Function: Press button 2 times to preheat. Press button 1 time to stop preheat
  • Battery Level Indicator: Press button to see battery level:
    • Green: Full
    • Orange: Med
    • Red: Low


  • Length: 3.5in
  • Diameter: .5in

Shop the Best in Vaping

At StayLit Design, we want to give our customers unique designs that showcase who they are. Basic vapes are frustrating, so we’ve taken matters into our own hands, and created unique and custom designs just for you. All of our products are hand-wrapped in Los Angeles, CA, and we offer free shipping across the United States.

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