Juul Pen Red Starter Kit Battery
Juul Pen Red Starter Kit Battery

Juul Pen Red Starter Kit Battery

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Red Juul Pen Starter Kit Battery

Ever look at Juul vapes and think these all look alike? You won’t have that problem when you buy your vape pen at StayLit Design! Get something that’s different from everything else out there and show off your personality in style with this custom-wrapped red Juul pen. These are authentic Juul pens with a skin we create and design in-house, using our super-secret process that creates no bubbles. The result is a nice, smooth skin and a vape pen you’ll want to show off.

Love the Hits You Take

You are going to love each and every hit you take with a Juul. While this Juul pen doesn’t come with a pod, it does come with a battery, pre-applied skin, and a USB charger. Just plug in your Juul pod and go. No buttons to mess with! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the magic.

Product Features:

  • Plug in your Juul Pod and go
  • No odors or smells

Red Juul Kit Includes*:

  • Juul pen and battery
  • Vinyl skin decal already applied
  • USB charger

*Juul pod not included

Custom Juul Vapes at StayLit Design

Don’t get stuck with the same boring vape as everyone else, when you can have this unique red Juul vape from StayLit Design. We have a variety of Juuls and other kinds of vape pens so you can get one to match all your outfits! Grab some accessories to go with your vape, and enjoy free shipping on all U.S. orders.

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