Pax Era

PAX Era Dab Pens

The PAX Era dab pen is one of the most sophisticated vape pens on the market. Packed with control features that let you decide exactly how to use your favorite concentrates, the only problem with a PAX wax pen is its boring look. Our custom wrapped pens solve that problem by giving you a range of fresh looks that fit your style. It’s the same high-quality battery you’re used to from PAX, but with a personalized look to match your style.

Use PAX Era Your Way

The PAX Era dab pen puts the power in your hands. Compatible with only PAX Era Pods, you get a consistent, flavorful smoking session tailored to your preferences. Through the PAX mobile app, you can control temperatures down to specific degrees, set your potency preferences, and keep your kit updated and ready to go with the latest firmware upgrades. Its lightweight, reliable, and fully featured for your enjoyment.

We wrap your top-tier PAX wax pen with custom vinyl graphics to bring you bold colors, the shimmering shine of rainbows, and prints you won’t be able to find anywhere else. You still get a great pen with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, but now it just looks awesome.

Express Yourself with StayLit Design

Blending in is boring. You’re the life of the party, so you should look like it. If you have any questions about our exclusive wrapped PAX Era dab pen kits, contact us here and our customer service team will be happy to help you. Order your new vape pen battery online from StayLit Design today.