Pax Era Pro

Pax Era Pro Vape Pens

If you love technology then you're going to love the new Pax Era Pro. Named best vape pen of CES 2020. This pen has more features than any other pen on the market but with all these cool features why such boring designs? Don't worry StayLit Design has you covered. We took the most technologically advanced vape pen and well... made it cooler. With plenty of different designs to chose from there's something that fits everyone's style.

Pax Era Pro Features:

-First ever UL certified cannabis battery for a safer experience.

-ExpertTemp pre determined temperature settings based on extractors recommendations

-PodSmart Pods remember your favorite settings for dosage and temperature 

-Pod ID See safety reports and strains in the app

Pax Era Pro Starter Kit Includes:

-Pax Era Pro Battery

-USB to C Charger Cable

-1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

*Only compatible with Pax Era Pods/No Pod included*