510 Threaded Battery Kawaii Weed Leaf Starter Kit
510 Threaded Battery Kawaii Weed Leaf Starter Kit

510 Threaded Battery Kawaii Weed Leaf Starter Kit

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Show Off Your Style with Our Kawaii Vape Pen

This quirky vape is just what you need to show off your love for all things kawaii! The detailed design will turn heads and be adored by all your friends. This pen has a 350mAh built-in lithium battery that will last all day long. 

With such a fun pattern, your 510 vape pen will look unlike anyone else’s. This starter kit will give you the perfect hit, no matter the oil, wax, or concentrate you decide to use. Its variable voltage can be changed easily with a few presses of the pen’s button to heat your pen to your preferred setting.

This kit includes a rechargeable 510 threaded kawaii vape pen battery and USB charger. 510 threaded cartridges are sold separately.

Main Features:

  • Simple button pen
    • Press 5 times to turn on/off
    • Press 3 times to change the voltage
    • Press twice to preheat
    • Press once to stop preheat
  • Battery level indicator shows full, medium, or low battery
  • Compatible with oils and concentrates


  • 350mAh lithium battery
  • Working Volt 2.6v~4.2v
  • 3 volt options: 2.6v (green), 3.3v (blue), 4.2v (red)
  • Length: 3.5in
  • Diameter: 0.5in

Have a 510 Thread Pen Like No Other

 Just because you want the high quality of the popular 510 threaded battery doesn’t mean your vape pen needs to look like everyone else’s. StayLit Design’s unique pens, like this kawaii vape pen, are hand-wrapped with no bubbling. Not only will your pen work great, but it’ll look great, too! 

 We want to give you the best custom pens out there. Our wraps are durable, hold color well, and won’t easily peel. Check out our full selection of 510 threaded vape pens to see all the colors and patterns we can offer you. Contact us if you have any questions about our pens.

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