Einstein T=HC2 Rolling Tray

Regular price $15.99

Show your true genius with this metal rolling tray! This durable metal tray features a mind-blowingly psychedelic Einstein graphic that will have you pondering the mysteries of the universe. It’s the perfect accessory for any smoker who appreciates the simple convenience that a quality tray provides. Eliminate waste and enjoy an easy cleanup thanks to the curved edges.

Professionally Printed

We’re absolutely delighted to show off this beautiful metal tray. The Einstein image is professionally printed, and it looks even better up close. It’s a functional work of art, a conversation starter, and a stylish addition to any smoke cave. If you’re tired of rolling on DVDs, books, or whatever’s laying around the room, it’s time to upgrade to a metal rolling tray!


  • Outer Dimension: 10.5in x 6.5in
  • Inner Dimension: 9.5in x 5.5in

Get Yours Before They’re Gone

It doesn’t take brilliant intellect to realize that ordering this tray is a no-brainer! It’s designed specifically to make every rolling session easy and enjoyable so you can concentrate on the task at hand. We have plenty of other custom rolling trays too, so be sure to look around and find one that fits your unique style. Want to know more about any of our smoking accessories? Contact us now. Get a great deal on a heady metal rolling tray at StayLit Design!