Pax Era Battery Silver Metallic Vape Pen
Pax Era Battery Silver Metallic Vape Pen
Pax Era Battery Silver Metallic Vape Pen

Pax Era Battery Silver Metallic Vape Pen

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The PAX Era silver vape pen makes for a modern and sleek stunner. With a powerhouse battery and a wide range of customization options (via the PAX Era app), it’s guaranteed to give you the perfect high. This product is not only a stylish addition to your collection but also a smart one. When used in a low-temperature setting, this pen can last up to four weeks on a single charge. The quality of the PAX Era perfectly complements the design the StayLit Design team came up with.

Personal Vaping and Style

At StayLit Design, we never want our customers to sacrifice style for quality. With this in mind, we’ve combined both in this PAX Era silver vape pen. The metallic finish is striking in the sunlight, and the hand-wrapped vinyl is designed to last, so your pen will keep its shine through all your dabs. This pen offers personalized temperature ranges and precise controls, so once you find your perfect settings, you can trust you’ll get consistent flavor every time.


  • PAX Era battery and charger included
  • Download the app for more customization
  • PAX pod not included

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