510 Threaded Battery Cheetah Leopard Print Starter Kit
510 Threaded Battery Cheetah Leopard Print Starter Kit

510 Threaded Battery Cheetah Leopard Print Starter Kit

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510 Threaded Battery Cheetah Leopard Print Vape Pen Starter Kit

Cheetahs can run all day, and so can our 350mAh cheetah print vape pen. This premium vape pen gives you a reliable way to vape how and where you want to while showing off a little bit of your animal nature. Perfect for the club, gym, or office, it gives you the dependable flexibility you need to get your vape on.

Top-Tier 510 Battery

This cheetah print vape pen looks great and is easy to use while still giving you the control to get the thick vape clouds you need.

  • Every starter kit includes an advanced USB charger with a charge indicator and a high-quality, 510-threaded battery with a hand-wrapped vinyl graphic featuring a unique image.
  • The USB charger lets you top-up your battery wherever you are.
  • Compatible with most 510 cartridges and chargers.
  • Three voltage settings allow you to choose the right temperature for your smoking material and preferences. 3 button-presses cycle through the settings: 2.6v green, 3.3v blue, 4.2v red.
  • Requires 5-presses to turn on/off for safer carrying.
  • 2-presses triggers a preheating cycle that prepares your cartridge for delivering a full-strength draw.
  • Single-press checks battery charge, stops preheat cycle, or can be held to draw.
  • All domestic US orders ship for free from our Los Angeles facility.

Better Vaping Delivered

Make sure you’ve got the right battery for your night out. Contact our customer service team if you have any questions. Get your cheetah print vape pen from StayLit Design now.

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