Glass Hand Pipes

We didn’t invent glass hand pipes. They’ve been around for centuries, with evidence of existence dating back to the Roman empire. But we have perfected making beautiful and unique ones. At StayLit Design, we offer an eclectic variety of gorgeous glass smoking pipes that range from your classic pieces to more complex designs. Smoking is fun, and we are dedicated to making glassware that celebrates that with playful, bright pieces!

Glass Pipes For Every Occasion

We have everything you need to have the perfect smoke sessions. We have classic glass hand pipes like the spoon, perfect for hitting on your own or carrying around with you to gatherings. 

Our bubblers are a little bit larger but function beautifully and allow for big smooth hits each time. They would also be great in a party session or brought somewhere more intimate. We also have a wide selection of novelty glass pipes that would impress anyone who sees them.

There is something extraordinary about hitting glass vape pipes the same way humanity has been hitting them for thousands of years. Glass pipes are the traditional way people consume cannabis. Every stoner should own a good one, so make the one you own unique and reflective of your personality.

Shop High-Quality Pipes

Our glass smoking pipes are custom-made from high-quality materials, like borosilicate glass and stone, that can withstand super high heat. Browse our wide selection of exclusive and one-of-a-kind glass hand pipes. They are indeed works of art.

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