510 Threaded batteries

Vape Pen with 510 Thread

The vape pen with 510 thread has emerged as the most popular and versatile vape pen battery on the market. It readily accepts cartridges filled with everything from oils to wax and is perfect for nicotine, CBD, and marijuana. The 510 vape pen offers a familiar vaping shape, small size, and enough control options to let you “fine tune” your vaping for a better experience.

Hot Features, Hotter Look

Whether you’re new to vaping or an experienced user, you can’t go wrong with our vape pen with 510 thread.

  • Hand-wrapped unique 510 vape pen in your choice of colors and style.
  • 350 mAh capacity keeps you lit as long as the party is.
  • Starter kit comes with battery and charger. Cartridges are sold separately.
  • 3 Voltage settings for a customizable vape session:
    • 2.6v (green light)
    • 3.3v (blue light)
    • 4.2v (red light)
  • Easy one-button controls:
    • 1 click to draw or check charge level
    • 2 clicks for pre-heating
    • 3 clicks to cycle to the next voltage setting
    • 5 clicks to turn on/off
  • Slim and discreet 3.5” by 0.5”

Vape Your Way

When you want the vape pen battery that lets you have a better smoke session, our full-featured vape pen with 510 thread is a perfect choice. Contact our customer service department today if you have any questions about our products. Order your vape pen batteries and accessories online from StayLit Design today.