Orange Bongs, Dab Rigs, and Pipes

Dive into a world of citrus delight with our Tangy Tangerine Treasures! 🌈✨ Elevate your smoking experience with our playful collection of orange bongs, dab rigs, and orange glass pipes. Bursting with zest and vibrant hues, these orange gems are the perfect companions for a juicy sesh.

Make that Smoke Sesh Sizzle

🔥 Ignite the fun with our sizzling orange bongs, each piece a statement of bold style and flavorful vibes. From sleek and chic to quirky and cute, find the orange bong that matches your personality and sets the tone for a tasty adventure.

💨 Experience the magic of our orange dab rigs, where every hit is a burst of flavor and fun. These dazzling rigs are designed to add a playful twist to your concentrate sessions, ensuring each dab is a moment of pure enjoyment.

🌈 Spice up your on-the-go smoking with our adorable orange hand pipes. Portable, stylish, and oh-so-cute, these pipes are the perfect blend of functionality and flair. Slip one into your pocket and bring the zest wherever your adventures take you.


How are your orange glass pipes different from other pipes?

Not your grandpa’s pipe, these pipes are hand-blown to perfection, the ideal size for slipping into your bag, and so stylish you won’t even need to add accessories to your outfit!

Which smoking accessories would match my bong?

We know you love a good style moment, which is why you’re gonna love a custom herb grinder or cute stash jar that features more of our one-of-a-kind designs!

How functional are these bongs?

Whether you’re diving into our artistic bongs or custom vape skins, you get functionality AND style with StayLit Design. Show off your personality in style with these bongs, all while savoring their smooth hits and high-quality construction.

Embrace the Orange Revolution

At StayLit Design, we believe your smoke should be as vibrant as you are. That’s why we created a collection of tangerine, amber, and vivid orange delights with stand-out designs that range from adorable animals to cool skulls. Embrace the orange revolution and let your smoking sessions be a celebration of color, flavor, and fun. We also have a huge variety of cute smoking accessories and bongs in every color, like our fan-favorite pink bongs, purple bongs, and green bongs. Orange you glad we have more colors? Sorry, we had to. Explore our collection of orange bongs, dab rigs, and hand pipes – because your smoke should be as vibrant as you are!