Vape Wraps

More and more people are choosing vape pens to get their fix on the go, and our custom vape skins can help them show off their personal style. More than just second-rate dab pen wraps, our vinyl vape wraps are durable, affordable, and won’t leave your pen looking faded after a single day or night out on the town. It’s the perfect way to stand out, show off some style, and still have a pen you can count on.

The Most Popular Vape Pen Brands

Our dab pen skins come pre-applied on top-of-the-line vape pen batteries in a variety of styles. Just choose the style of vape you prefer to rock, the right vape skins for your outfits, locales, or frame of mind, and get ready to enjoy a premium vaping experience with a high-quality kit.

  • All starter kits come with your chosen battery and a charger. 
  • Cartridges and pods are sold separately.
  • Available in four popular battery styles: 510 Thread, Stiiizy, Yocan, and PlugPlay.
  • All vinyl dab pen wraps are exclusively designed for our customers and hand applied for a perfect fit without bubbling.
  • Backed by our customer-focused support team.

The Lit Life

We didn’t invent the vape pen battery, but we do make it look good and stylish for any vaping experience. StayLit Design is committed to bringing you exclusively designed vinyl skins that are durable, thin, and hold color well. If you need any help or have questions, contact our customer service center. Order your custom batteries with professionally applied vape skins online from StayLit Design today.