Glass Bongs for Sale

Bongs have been a staple of the cannabis world for thousands of years, and they’ve evolved from their early days to include innovative features that help smooth your hits and give you the designs you love. It’s not hard to find glass bongs for sale online or in person. You can walk into any head shop and find a cheap, factory-produced one. But if you’re looking for a cool bong for sale that is custom-made from high-quality borosilicate glass, you’ve come to the right place.

At StayLit Design, we’re passionate about designing artistic bongs of all different shapes and sizes that are truly one-of-a-kind. The water filtration system in every type of bong is a crucial aspect that we know all smokers enjoy, so we ensured our systems help filter out some of the smoke carcinogens and deliver smooth, cool hits every time. We didn’t forget about the aesthetics, though! Featuring plenty of unique designs in a variety of striking colors, these glass bongs let you show off your personality in style during each smoke sesh. Shop exclusively-designed glass bongs now!

Personalized and Unique Bongs Online

We have bongs for every type of smoker at StayLit Design. If you’re looking for something portable in a bong, check out our cool silicone pipes. They are incredibly durable and won’t shatter or break if you throw them into your bag to carry around with you. Style and durability—it’s a win-win!

Our classically-shaped bongs operate as regular bongs would, but there is nothing ‘regular’ about the pieces we’ve designed. Just like our exclusively-designed vape skins, each of the cool glass bongs we have for sale has been custom-made and equipped with unique patterns or styles. They function perfectly as they’re supposed to and also as gorgeous pieces of artwork. It’s all about elevating your smoke experience!

Shop All Cannabis Tools Today

Don’t buy cheaply made glass bongs online or in a random head shop. Shop for our uniquely-designed pieces to find one that reflects your individuality. You can find glass bongs for sale and all the tools you need to enhance your smoking sessions. Browse our vape pens, cute smoking accessories, and party boxes for more fun products today.


What’s the best bong shape?

It depends. Straight tubes are simple and sweet (great for beginners), perc bongs give cool hits, and the ever-popular beaker bongs typically offer more stability and smoother hits. Choose your smoke adventure!

How do I clean my bong – and how often?

We want the unique bong you got online to keep looking as good as it did on day one. Clean it with an isopropyl alcohol and salt solution once a week, and wipe the outside gently with a damp cloth.

How do I shop for glass bongs for sale?

We have a lot of cool bongs for sale, we know. You may want to consider the size you want, the bong shape best for your needs, and, of course, a design that adds a personalized touch to your smoke sesh. Contact our amazing customer service if you need more help or want to create a custom design!