Premium Artisan Heady Glass Collection

They’re not just rigs—they’re premium works of art! Light up in style with our beautiful heady glass pipes collection from your favorite brands. Each of our artisan glass pipes are handblown in the USA and feature unique, fun designs you’ll love to add to your collection of glassware. This is one rig that won’t stay tucked in your closet!

What Is Heady Glass?

Heady glass pipes are high-quality, artisan glass creations that are often one-of-a-kind works of art. Our heady glass pipes feature intricate detail, stunning colors, and a beautiful design that’s still just as functional as your favorite rig. They’re made by some of the country’s most talented glassblowers—and we hope you’ll love their work as much as we do.

An artisan glass pipe is an investment piece that will work well and last for many years in your collection, and we do the heavy lifting for you by finding reputable craftsmen with styles you’ll love. Looking for other quality glassware? We also offer floral rigs, quirky silicone hand pipes, and traditional bongs on our site.

About StayLit Design

We were born from a desire to shake things up in the vape scene, and we’ve been offering unique, customizable vape pens and smoking accessories ever since. We offer a variety of designs and colors that can be applied to Stiiizy, Biiiig Stiiizy, and PlugPlay devices. Explore our glow-in-the-dark vape pen wraps, best-selling bling collection, or personalize your vape pen with custom engraving.

We also offer a large collection of recreational glassware, including heady glass pipes. Explore custom glass pipes and unique smoking accessories that elevate your everyday smoking experience.