Premium Artisan Heady Glass Pipe Collection

Light up in style with a beautiful, artistic rig from our artisan-created selection. All StayLit Design’s heady dab rigs are handblown in LA and feature uniquely striking designs you’ll be proud to add to your ever-expanding bong collection. These artisan bongs are too stunning to hide in the closet! Find the rig of your dreams in our thoughtfully curated collections.

What Is Heady Glass?

Heady glass refers to impressive, blown glass smoking apparatuses. Often one-of-a-kind works of art, the innovative design of these rigs doesn’t sacrifice their primary function. Our bongs are created by some of the country’s most talented glassblowers, uniting form and function in perfect balance.

Heady dab rigs from StayLit Design are sourced from the most accomplished craftspeople, bringing you detailed blown glass bongs you’ll cherish for many happy years. Looking for other high-quality glass pipes, bongs, and rigs? Browse StayLit Design’s traditional glass bongs online and themed glass pipes. Our expansive collections are as diverse as your tastes., personalized swag to the vaping sector. With skins hand-wrapped in-house, we create unique, customizable vape pens and smoking accessories that bring style to your sesh. Our vast array of hand-wrapped vinyl vape skins in unique designs and colors wrap Stiiizy and 510 Thread devices and more. Browse our bestsellers, or declare your vaping independence by asking us about a custom wrap just for you!

Discover the smoking pleasure and gratifying beauty of heady glass pipes at StayLit Design. For all your dabbing, vaping, and smoking accessory needs, we’re here for you.