510 Threaded V-MOD Batteries

Allow us to introduce you to your new, easily concealable best friend, V-MOD. StayLit Design’s custom-wrapped V-MOD vape helps you get your perfect on-the-go fix. These discreet, compact batteries are ultra-powerful, taking your vaping experience to an entirely new level of awesome.

Discreet Design, Potent Clouds

Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your vape. Our V-MOD vape batteries offer 900 mAh and have three different voltage settings for you to choose from, depending upon how lit you’re trying to get. (Meaning, if you have to go to work or have dinner with your in-laws, you can always select the lowest setting — or the highest!) No matter which setting you land on, we guarantee you’re going to feel great. Get your medication in style with these customizable vapes offered at StayLit Design.

Our starter kits are fully-loaded, arriving at your door with the battery included, a USB charger, 510 Magnetic Cartridge Adapter, and a handy user manual. The V-MOD supports all 510 Threaded cartridges up to 11.5 mm in diameter/0.5-3.0 ohm. Please note: the cartridge is not included!

Enhance Your Vaping Experience with StayLit Design

StayLit Design wants to help elevate your vaping experience with our customizable vinyl-wrapped vapes. We are no stranger to customization, so just ask if you’re not seeing anything you love and we’ll work with you. We ship free in the US and are happy to accept returned products with faulty batteries and replace them. Please feel free to reach out to our customer support team here if any questions arise.