Dried Floral Glass Collection

Browse Our Beautiful Collection of Customized Floral Bongs

At StayLit Design, we understand you want your smoking accessories to stand out. Where’s the fun in a sesh with a boring bong? With a variety of flower bongs adorned with butterflies, delicate dried flowers, and greenery, this is one bong you won’t want to hide in your closet. You can even add custom, handmade dab tools and pearls to complete your rig! Whatever you choose, all our dried plant bongs are exclusively designed to mesh with your unique personality and bring you joy with each puff.

Stay Lit With Striking Flower Bongs

Tired of smoke shop bongs that don’t express your style? With our collection of exclusively-designed, high-quality bongs in a variety of exciting colors and patterns, you get the stylish companion you seek! Want to know which floral bong might be right for you? We’ve broken it down to make shopping for your new favorite heady glass pipe easy. Our super-star customer service team is also always willing to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Artisan-Quality Smoking Tools

Many of our hand-blown flower bongs and botanical glass pipes are made from high-quality borosilicate glass right here in our factory, located in sunny Los Angeles, California. But we work with leading bong masters all over the USA to offer artisan-quality smoking tools and accessories. Shop now, and explore our full selection of customizable glass pipes, dab rigs, and bongs here.