About Us

Why be bland and boring when you can StayLit? We got tired of seeing the same four batteries on every vape pen on the market. Worse, when people did try to spice things up, they ended up with poorly cut stickers with sad looking graphics that looked patchy after a single long night out on the town. Vapers needed something better, so we went to work.

Designing Unique Looks for Your Favorite Brands

We started with high-quality vinyl decals specifically designed to wrap the most popular batteries on the market. Vinyl is resilient and lightweight, which meant we could give you a wrap that lasts without bulking up your battery. Whether you’re adding some legit sparkle, a hot new color that matches your outfit, or fresh graphics that show off your personal spark, it’ll hold its aesthetic and not end up looking patchy.

Rather than making you do all the work, we wrap premium batteries so the results are perfect every time, without bubbling or misalignment to be embarrassed about. These are high-quality batteries-with chargers-that you can count on. From our custom batteries to our own advanced 510-threaded pens, you’ll love showing off your custom vape.

Show Your Flair

Ready to hit your vape in style? We’re ready to make sure you can. If you have any questions, visit our FAQ page or hit us up here, and our customer service team will get you hooked up. Show off your personality with a new customized vape pen battery from StayLit Design!