Magical Mushroom Collection

Hiding in the shadow of any woodland mushroom might be a gnome waiting to lead you to their enchanted cottage! And that’s the magic of mushrooms! Add whimsy to your smoke sessions with a mushroom smoking pipe from our collection of magical mushroom-themed wares. Shop now!

Mushroom Pipes and Bongs and Other Delights

Mushrooms symbolize transformation, happiness, and Nirvana. So, we curated this incredible collection of unique smoking equipment in honor of mushroom magic. Select a mushroom smoking pipe from a range of bongs, dabs, and pipes. Or, wear your mushroom love on your sleeve with a magical mushroom t-shirt from our apparel line. Whatever you select from this fanciful collection, you’ll be getting one-of-a-kind, high-quality smoking tools and accessories designed in-house.

Quality, Variety, and Amazing Customer Service

StayLit Design adds another level of quality and variety to the connoisseur’s life. Our vape pens are wrapped by hand around a rechargeable battery that comes with its own charger. That’s a first! You get everything you need in a unique product with a hand-rolled skin that doesn’t transfer color while you’re using it.

Our mushroom pipes and bongs are just the start of what we’ve got in store for you. Choose from our first-of-their-kind vape pens, powered by Stiizy and 510 Thread, or provoke bong envy with one of our incredible rigs. Or maybe a mushroom smoking pipe is the only pipe you’ll settle for! Every choice is a wise one at StayLit Design.

Calling All Magical People!

The Magical Mushroom Collection is especially for seekers after Nirvana! But there’s so much more to discover at StayLit Design, so explore our collections. If you order over $75, you’ll get a free gift as a token of our appreciation. So, what are you waiting for? Shop now!