Pretty in Pink: Bongs, Dab Rigs, Glass Pipes

Why settle for the same-old, average bongs and pipes that everyone and their uncle uses when you can stand out? While there’s certainly nothing wrong with the basics, sometimes you just need a little fun. Nothing says fun more than a pretty pop of pink! With our collection of delightfully pink bongs, dab rigs, and glass pipes, your pink-loving heart will be singing!

Pink Pipes That Fit Your Style

There are those that like pink, and those that are wrong. Okay, maybe not wrong, but sometimes it feels that way to a pink lover. That just means more of the bright color for you at StayLit Design, right? If you can’t get enough pink in your life, you’re in for a treat! Our pinktacular collection is full of dabs, pipes, and bongs that add much-needed personality to your smoke sesh. 

Need to add more color to your smoke? In addition to our pretty pink bongs, StayLit Design has exclusively designed, custom-wrapped vape batteries in vibrant colors and prints that will make you smile. If nothing is speaking to you, custom orders are always welcome! We make our products in-house. No bubbling or color transfer here, just one-of-a-kind designs.

Pink Paradise at StayLit Design

StayLit has a collection for everyone – even those that can take or leave the color pink. Your smoke tools and cool vape accessories should match your personality and style, not someone else’s. We’re more than a pink lover’s paradise. Enter a magical mushroom wonderland, go out of this world, and so much more! The world is yours for the taking. Explore our pink pipes, glass bongs online, premium heady glass pipes, and other collections now to enjoy a free gift on your order over $75!