Bling Crystal Collection

Bling Crystal Vapes, Bongs, & More

Add some much-needed bling to your next vaping or smoking session with our Bling Crystal Collection! We have crystal vape pens, glass pipes, and accessories to add a touch of luxury to your clouds. Designed for glam and made with authentic crystals, take your smoke or vape session to a higher level with these beautiful designs.

We built this collection around vaping and smoking products that get the job done but needed a little more pizzazz while they do it. Every piece of our bling crystal collection is one you can be proud to use and can count on to achieve high results. Snag your crystal vapes, pipes, and more today and see why everyone’s raving about StayLit Design.

Authentic Products With Real Crystals

A custom vape pen is convenient. A glass pipe adorned with crystals makes you feel like you’re in Paris. Bling crystals add a touch of sparkle to anything they touch. Our Bling Crystal Collection was born with luxury in mind, without paying luxury prices.

  • Our vapes come in new starter kits, straight from the manufacturer
  • Each vape is wrapped in high-quality, fade-resistant vinyl skin with real crystals
  • Pipes are made of specially-formulated borosilicate glass to resist shattering
  • Crystals are professionally applied for added flair and beauty
  • Accessories are designed to be functional and decorated to add your desired look to custom trays, grinders, and tools for your smoking kit

Fast Shipping

We offer a huge selection of vaping and smoking accessories so anyone can find the made-to-order products that support their lifestyle. Show off who you are in your favorite way and make a fashion statement with our customized vaping and smoking products. Sign up for our newsletter and save with StayLit Design.