Stiiizy Battery Vape Pen Starter Kit

Custom Stiiizy Starter Kits at StayLit Design

If you’re tired of the same Stiizy pen that everyone else has, you’ll love what it looks like with a customized skin. Our Stiiizy starter kits come with pre-applied Stiiizy battery skins in the hottest designs, brightest colors, and boldest looks so you can stand out while you’re vaping. It’s the same easy-to-use Stiiizy experience, but now it looks as hot as you do at the club, gym, beach, or wherever you want to take a quick hit.

The Stiiizy Life

We take premium Stiiizy starter kits and apply an exclusive Stiiizy skin wrap. These vinyl wraps are durable, beautiful, and hand-applied so you get a perfect fitting that looks great.

  • Stiiizy starter kit includes:
  • Authentic Stiiizy battery
  • USB charging port and cable
  • 30 day StayLit Design warranty
  • Stiiizy pods are sold separately
  • 210 mAh capacity for extended smoking sessions
  • Dual airflow mouthpiece for clean draws
  • Stiiizy battery skins are available to fit any outfit or setting

        Stand Out with Custom Designs

        Stiiizy makes it easy to take your vape pen anywhere: in your pocket, purse, or bag. StayLit Design makes your Stiiizy look amazing, then delivers it directly to your door. Need more information? Contact our customer service department and they’ll help you out. Order your custom Stiiizy starter kit today.