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Best Selling Vape Pens & More For Sale

At StayLit Design, you’ll find unique vape pens, glass pipes, and more that will help you stay lit and show off your amazing personality. Most smoking devices are a dime a dozen and don’t let you personalize them the way you want. But our customers get authentic, top-tier smoking hardware that’s customized for the perfect pop.

It’s time you finally had a quality device that looks as good as it functions. We are ready to make that happen for you. Pick the perfect fit for you, and we’ll get it shipped to you fast. Here are some of our popular best sellers and favorite designs customers love. Feel free to browse below for the best vape pens and more for sale!

Unique Designs For You

Our array of eye-catching designs dress up our unique vape pens and pipes. Whatever your personal style, you can make a statement while smoking or vaping! When you order a vape starter kit, you’re getting a brand new device we received sealed from the manufacturer. We open it, delicately apply your desired design by hand, then repackage your (almost new) product and ship it back to you.

Our custom glass pipes are hand blown in the United States for premium quality that’s sure to last. We offer a variety of styles from the top manufacturers, so you get the best every time.

Find Your New Favorite Smoking Devices and Accessories

With a wide selection of vape pens and smoking devices for sale, our customers view their smoking or vaping experience in a whole new way. Whatever your passion or interest, we have a design to help you show it off. Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on custom smoking devices, accessories, and deals that can save you money. And who doesn’t love getting the best deals?


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