Custom Glass Pipes

When you want a great smoke, having the right pipe can make the difference. Our custom glass bongs, pipes, and rigs both look and smoke like a dream. We offer handmade glass bongs with one-of-a-kind designs and natural materials that give you a pipe you can be proud of. Glass pipes are a great way to chill at home with a smoke, enjoy a break with friends, or make sure you’re ready for a smoke on the go. We offer a curated selection of some of the most popular styles so you can find a pretty bong that fits your needs and personality. Take a look around!

Artistic Glass Pipes

Our custom glass pipes are made from the highest quality materials, like borosilicate glass and stone that are meant to stand up to high heat. Whether you choose a small spoon or a Sherlock bubbler, you’re getting handmade glass bongs that are designed to deliver thick clouds of smoke. We work with leading manufacturers to make sure you’re getting a product that lives up to our high standards. Just pick your favorite style and color, then get ready for a great smoke from a pretty bong or pipe. Explore our bongs, glass dab rigs, custom-wrapped vape skins, and more now, and we’ll give you a free gift on orders over $75!

Smoking Accessories You Can Count On

When you want the best, you can trust StayLit Design to deliver it at a great price, directly to your door. If you need additional information about any of our products, contact our customer service department. Browse our selection and order your custom glass pipes today.