Decorated Bongs With Stickers

We may be all grown up, but our love of stickers is still going strong! Featuring adorably unique designs and uncompromising quality, these wrapped bongs are practically a dream come true. Explore our selection of decorated dab rigs and bongs or drop a line for your very own custom design!

Make It One of a Kind

Tired of everyone having the same smoke tools? We were too, which is why we broke onto the vape scene with our exclusively-designed vape skins. But then we thought: what about bongs, dab rigs, and pipes? So, here we are with our exciting collection of wrapped artistic bongs and dab rigs! Whimsical flowers and butterflies. Cute animals. Juicy fruits and kawaii sweet treats. You’ll never have to settle for a boring bong again!


How do I get a custom design made?

If you have any ideas for custom vape wraps or decorated bongs, reach out to us about your design idea, logo, or image inspo, and we’ll get on it!

How durable are bongs with stickers?

Made using high-quality materials like borosilicate glass, these bongs are as durable and functional as they are stylish. No need to worry about quickly fading images or color coming off on your hands, here!

What are the benefits of getting one of these wrapped bongs or rigs?

They add personality and style to your smoke, making every session feel a little more special. But that’s not all – you’re also getting high-quality construction, cute smoking accessories like an included matching bowl or ice catcher, and a free gift over $75!

Custom Bongs with Stickers & More

If you were the cute kid who put stickers on everything from your school binder to your bedroom walls, this is the collection for you. Our designs are guaranteed to let every bit of your sweet personality shine through with each hit. Shop pink vape pens, animal glass pipes, and more at StayLit Design now!

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us – our amazing customer service is more than happy to help!