Discover Artistic Bongs With Shop Drops

StayLit Design’s Shop Drops are special collections of seasonal and themed art bongs, vape pens, artistic pipes, and cute smoking accessories. We create Shop Drops to expand your collection, so you can be on point any time of year! We like to keep it fresh, giving you numerous options to express your personality with our first-in-the-market, custom-wrapped vape pens and a dizzying array of accessories and glass bongs for sale for the discerning enthusiast!

Colorful Glass Bongs & So Much More

StayLit Design’s original Shop Drops offer you more! We always bring you the very best in dab pens, partnering with legends like 510 Thread and Stiizy. Browse our Shop Drops to find the distinctive bongs, vapes, and pipes you crave. You’ll find unique offerings, from the whimsical Magical Mushroom collection to the Sweet Tooth collection, when only candy will do. We make keeping it fresh easy with our artistic bongs and more!


What makes your bongs artistic?

The artful fun is all in their design – these aren’t your average bongs. This collection redefines style, offering you colorful glass bongs that feature one-of-a-kind designs like dainty flowers, sweet treats, and holiday themes that get you in a festive mood. Like a work of art, you’ll want to display your bong to admire it all day long.

How durable are your art bongs and vape pens?

Just because they have stand-out designs doesn’t mean they’re lacking in the durability department! Since our vape designs are hand-applied, you won’t experience any bubbling. Plus, we use durable vinyl skins that hold color well. As for our bongs, they’re made of materials like high-quality borosilicate glass, so smoke and enjoy your bong with confidence!

How do I clean my artistic bong?

You can clean the inside using a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt or with a bong cleaner. Shake your solution of choice for around 5 minutes, rinse, and you’re good to go! If you need to clean the outside, all you need to do is wipe it with a soft microfiber cloth to keep it looking as good as new.

How do I choose between an art bong, hand pipe, or vape?

With all of our unique designs in all your fav tools and accessories, it can be hard to choose! Hand pipes and vapes are great for on-the-go, since you can throw them in your bag or pocket and head out the door. On the other hand, an artistic glass bong is a must-have for turning your at-home smoke sesh into a smoke experience. It all comes down to what works for your lifestyle.

Refresh Your Smoking Experience

Shop Drops exist to offer our customers something market fresh, with collections of accessories for people who want to make a statement when they smoke. Our dab pens have raised the bar, with batteries wrapped by hand and delivered with their own chargers. And our wraps don’t come off on your hands when you use them. That’s because StayLit Design brings you only the highest, hand-wrapped quality.

Find an artistic bong or snazzy vape pen with your name on it here at StayLit Design. Browse our Shop Drops for all that’s fresh and unmistakably you. Shop today and receive a free gift with your order of $75 or more!