Juicy Fruit Bongs, Vapes, & Glass Fruit Pipes

Juicy and sweet, fruit is nature’s candy. And what better way to enjoy your smoking session than with fruit bongs, fruit vapes, or glass fruit pipes? Choose from sweet, purple-red cherries, field-fresh strawberries, tropical pineapples, and more from our irresistibly delicious Juicy Fruit Drop.

Get Juicy With Fruit Smoking Tools

We are committed to bringing our customers the highest quality. We marry quality to the finest custom, in-house designs. With a selection of pipes, rigs, and bongs vetted for premium quality, you’re spoiled for choice. Our vape pens are something completely new. With the battery and charger included, they’re a first! We hand-wrap our vapes to prevent bubbling, and our vinyl skins are manufactured to last, so graphics stay put without transferring to your hand. At StayLit Design, we believe in individuality, so we brought that to our vape pens, giving you so much freedom of choice, you’ll want one in every pattern and color we have!

Sweet In-House Designs

Our goal is to treat you to an experience you’ll come back to repeat. And with the quality you’ll find here, we feel confident you will. Working with partners like 510 Thread and Stiizy, our vape pens bring you a new, all-in-one concept. Our partners provide the batteries and chargers; we provide the custom wraps, achieved by hand. With long-life batteries and convenient recharging, you’re covered everywhere you go. Our fruit vapes and fruit bongs are part of a line of exceptional quality products designed for connoisseurs.

A Juicy Sesh to You!

When you’re craving a hit of market fresh fruit, you know where to find it. And if you order over $75 worth of merchandise today, StayLit Design will add a free gift! Our Juicy Fruit Drop is just the cherry on top. Explore our collections, from bongs to accessories to discover so much more.