The Magical Collection of Iridescent Bongs and Dab Rigs

Transport yourself into a realm of mesmerizing beauty, where every bong, dab rig, and hand pipe shimmers like the wings of a mythical creature. It’s an iridescent utopia! Revel in the ever-changing hues and patterns that these iridescent water pipes and rigs display. Your smoking sessions will never be the same again. Shop now to experience the magic for yourself!

Iridescent Glass Bongs Crafted Exclusively for You

Individuality matters. That’s why we offer a range of one-of-a-kind artistic bongs made to match your style and leave you spellbound. Couldn’t choose which color custom glass pipe to get? Now you don’t have to decide! Our kaleidoscope of iridescent bongs is designed to capture the whole spectrum, so you can delight in different hues from every angle.


How can you tell if an iridescent dab rig is high quality?

Some key features include: construction from a sturdy material like borosilicate glass, crafted by a reliable creator from a known location (ours were handblown in LA!), and have intricate craftsmanship.

How do I decide which iridescent water pipe or bong to buy?

To narrow down your selection, think about the size you’d prefer, the primary colors that the bong features, compatibility with flower vs. concentrates, and the design that’s speaking to your style and personality.

What are the benefits of choosing an iridescent bong?

They’re the perfect combination of beauty and functionality. You’ll never see your bong twin with these stand-out colors and designs! Plus, they seriously deliver when it comes to smooth, powerful hits and durability.

Stand Out from the Crowd

Once upon a time, there was a smoker who lived in a world with the same old, average bongs that everyone used. That is until they discovered the land of StayLit Design, where uniqueness and creativity reigned supreme. Explore our selection of iridescent glass bongs, premium glass heady glass pipes, vape skins, and more to make your fairytale come true and get a free gift $75+!