Ahhh Monster Collection: Monster Vapes, Pipes, & Bongs

Scary cute monsters that add personality to your smoke sesh? Sign us up! Adorable, silly, and maybe a little spooky, our Monster Collection is dedicated to all the creatures that go bump in the night. Light up with monster-themed smoking tools and even monster accessories to match! That’s a lot of monsters, but don’t be scared. Whether you like them smiley or looking like they’re out of a creepy flick, our collection has something for everyone. Explore now!

Do the Monster Mash

Show off your personality in style with one-of-a-kind monster vapes, artistic bongs, and custom glass pipes! Crafted using visually stunning designs and colors and premium materials, these little monsters are sure to make a great addition to any collection. Can’t decide which to get? 

  • Scary monster hand pipes: Great for busy days out and lounging and watching monster movies
  • Ahhh Dab Rigs: The go-to for bone-chilling smoke sessions at home 
  • Hand-Wrapped Vapes: Perfect for on the go – and making your friends jealous
  • Accessories: Creating a quality smoke sesh


What features do I look for in a water pipe or bong?

You want it to be made of a durable material like borosilicate glass, heavy glass, or silicone to ensure that it lasts and it can handle high temperatures. A great design doesn’t hurt, either!

How long will the design on my monster vape last?

We make all our vapes to last. Our exclusively designed vinyl skins are extremely durable, thin, and hold color well. You don’t need to worry about your cute design transferring to your hands as you smoke.

Do you have accessories that match the monster pipes and dab rigs?

We sure do! StayLit Design has a whole collection of scary good accessories like custom herb grinders and dab accessories that create your ultimate smoke sesh.

Make the Most Out of Your Smoke Experience

There’s no such thing as a boring vape pen at StayLit Design. Our collections were created to stand out from the crowd. These aren’t just amazingly stylish products; they’re also made to last. We wrap all of our vape skins by hand to ensure you don’t get any annoying bubbling or color transfer on your hands. Plus, our glass smoking pipes, glass bongs for sale, and custom dab rigs are made using high-quality materials like borosilicate glass and heavy glass. Shop monster vapes and more now!