Space Vapes, Pipes, & Bongs

With our Space Collection, you won’t need to build a rocket to the moon. We’ve got all the space bongs, vapes, and out-of-this-world space glass pipes you need to launch. And there’s so much more, from apparel to accessories! Shop StayLit Design’s super spacey selection of intergalactic, warp-speed smoking tools.

Make Your Next Smoke Session Out of this World

Since humans walked on the moon in 1969, the outer reaches of space have fascinated us. But commencing countdown with a fantasy space glass pipe gets you walking on the moon without getting off the couch. From dab rigs to grinders and more, this collection is strictly zero gravity. Get spacy with our leading-edge vape pens. They come with their own battery and charger, wrapped by hand in galactic alien skins. Free of bubbles, the graphics don’t rub off on your hands.

We bring you the best vape batteries, offering leading models from 510 Thread and Stiizy. These quality products keep you ready to launch no matter where you roam. With fast charging, long-lasting batteries, you’re set. Reliable, convenient, and high quality, our space vapes are the guardians of your galaxy!

Blast Off With StayLit Design

Our Space Collection has been curated for you, space cowboys. We know you love to boldly explore the outer reaches, so we bring you space pipes, bongs, vape pens, and other deep-space tools to support your successful launch.

If you’re ready to blast off, our space vapes are ready to co-pilot, with superior quality and one-of-a-kind designs. And if your order’s over $75, we’ve got a free gift for you, so shop our collections today!