Under the Sea Animal Glass Pipes & More

Slip beneath the waves with StayLit Design to discover deep sea mystery. Our Under the Sea collection invites you to an undersea world of aquatic animals, hand-wrapped, custom vape pens, and accessories. As you rise to the surface with an under-the-sea bong, you’ll find a gift of Poseidon! An underwater world was never this much fun with a maritime selection of fine smoking paraphernalia. As you descend into the briny depths, you’ll be in great company with our collection of vape pens and gorgeous glass pipes.

Take a Deep Dive

Whether you’re a Siren or Aquaman, this Shop Drop brings the deep sea adventure that makes the right kind of waves at your sesh. Join Poseidon in the cool, watery murk where you’ll find StayLit Design’s legendary house-made vape pens.

These aren’t just any vape pens. These come with their own batteries and chargers. With skins wrapped in-house, you’ll find no bubbles and the color won’t come off on your hands. Our all-in-one dab pens are the first of their kind and an incredible value, created in partnership with leaders like 510 Thread and Stiizy.

But our vapes are just the beginning of Under the Sea’s allure. Here you’ll find fanciful octopus animal glass pipes to fire your weed-enhanced imagination, accessories that glitter like deep sea pearls, and Poseidon-worthy under-the-sea bongs. Discover StayLit Design’s exciting undersea world today and get a free gift for your order of $75 or more!

Vape Pens, Animal Glass Pipes, & More!

StayLit Design is where you’ll find the customized vape pens everybody’s talking about. With incredible quality and value, our vape pens break the mold. Including the battery, charger, and hand-wrapped skin, you’re good to go. And that’s a first! Shop Under the Sea and all our collections for vape pens, party boxes, and more!