Cute Smoking Accessories

Living life to the fullest takes a little extra sometimes, which is why we offer a full line of smoking and vape pen accessories. We have plenty of smoking accessories like custom herb grinders, cool rolling trays, and custom glass pipes that let you vape and smoke in style, make sure nothing goes to waste, and help you look good doing your thing. Shop for your fave accessories!

Premium Smoking Accessories

You know and love our exclusively-designed vape skins, cool glass bongs for sale, and much more. Now we’ve brought our same unique flair to some of the most popular smoking and vaping items you’ve asked for. From our custom grinders that give you consistently-sized herb to our hand pipes made with real gems and dab pen accessories that look great with your outfit, you’re getting the perfect final touches for your vaping or smoking kits.

These quality vape pen accessories are engineered, designed, and manufactured with you in mind. You’re getting the artisan quality you can count on at a reasonable price. Why blend in when you can make sure you stand out in style?

StayLit with Unique Accessories

When you vape or smoke, it’s all about you, so treat yourself to something truly special. We bring you the best with our artistic bongs and a collection of smoking accessories that are as cute as they are quality. And it’s all delivered straight to your door. If you have any questions about our accessories, get the info you need from our customer service department by dropping us a line here. Explore our selection of cute vape accessories at StayLit Design today and get a free gift with your order of $75+.


What type of accessories do I need for my dab pen?

While you don’t necessarily need any dab accessories, we do love ourselves terp pearls and a cute dab tool for easier manipulation of your concentrate. Terp pearls, or dab pearls, are great for distributing heat and concentrate evenly, maximizing the flavor and smoothness of your hits.

What are the benefits of using smoking and vape pen accessories?

Number one benefit? Smoking accessories are a cute addition to your smoke experience, letting you show off your personality in style. Other benefits of using accessories include a more consistent grinding of your herb, less waste creation, and a better, easier smoke sesh.

How do I choose which cute smoking accessories to get?

You can never go wrong with an adorable ash catcher, a 14mm glass bowl, or a rolling tray. When it comes to design, try going for an accessory that matches or complements the styles and colors of your smoke tool.