Custom Glass Dab Rigs

Take your oils and concentrates to the next level with our incredible collection of custom dab rigs. Of all the smoking devices on the market, these pieces are the newest inventions. While there is evidence that people have been heating herbal concentrates for many centuries, the dab rig we know and love today is much more innovative and comfortable – with an incredibly unique design to match. Take a look at our pretty dab rigs to see for yourself!

Custom Dab Rigs are the Future

Dab rigs are similar to glass bongs or glass pipes in that they use water filtration to filter the smoke, creating a smooth and pleasant smoking experience. The only difference is the cannabis product being used. Dab rigs can smoke regular buds but are specially designed to heat oils, concentrates, and hash with a butane torch. They’re also bent at a 90-degree angle to ensure the smoker won’t burn themselves with the unique lighter.

You want crazy dab rigs? You got ‘em! We have a large variety of styles, shapes, and sizes available in hand-made designs that are works of art you’ll always want to keep on display—even when you’re not smoking. At StayLit Design, we are passionate about cannabis culture just as much as we’re passionate about creating unique and artistic bongs. Explore the collection to find the custom dab rig that'll show off your personality in style!

Stand Out Wherever You are With a Crystal Dab Rig

Our customers don’t blend in with the crowd—they like to stand out when they’re at a gathering or social event. You’ll be the star of the party when you walk in with one of our crazy dab rigs. They’re also perfect for when you’re just chilling at home with friends. As any stoner knows, there’s no wrong time for a smoke sesh.

Explore more of our custom designs at StayLit Design today, from our pretty dab rigs and custom-wrapped vape skins to our cute smoking accessories. Get a free gift when you spend $75, too!


What are dabs made out of?

Dab rigs can come in many materials, like glass and quartz. Ours are made using high-quality borosilicate glass, which is durable and has extreme temperature resistance—just what you want for your smoke sessions.

Are these custom dab rigs difficult to clean?

Nope, cleaning is just like cleaning any other dab or glass bong. Rinse it with water, fill it with a solution of isopropyl alcohol and salt or vinegar and baking soda, let it soak, agitate, rinse again, and you’re done!

What are the benefits of glass dab rigs?

While we could go on and on about why we love these cute dab rigs, two of the top benefits are definitely their super convenient portability and of course, the one-of-a-kind designs and styles, like our dab rigs covered in crystals! Fun colors, UFOs, and wacky monsters? Yes, please!

Which is better: a dab rig or a bong?

The great debate! Dab rigs are awesome since they’ll typically give you smooth hits and a stronger high, but bongs are great for that classic experience and days you’re using flower. Luckily, you’ll get fun and crazy styles whether you choose a dab rig or a bong!

What do I need to get started with dabbing?

Besides your dab rig, you’ll need custom dab accessories like a dab tool, carb cap, banger or dab nail, butane torch, and your concentrates of choice.

How do I know which size custom dab rig to choose?

If you’re looking for a dab rig that comes with a perc that’ll stand out like a centerpiece, bigger is better (around 12 inches or more). But if you want more portability and potent hits, go for something smaller.