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When it comes to purchasing wholesale bongs and vape pens, you’ll come across two things: smoke tools that are cheap and defective, or well-designed tools that are, unfortunately, overpriced. At StayLit Design, we are proud to offer affordable and high-quality wholesale vape pens from the most popular brands like our StayLit Design branded 510 Thread pens, Stiiizy, Biiig Stiiizy, and PlugPlay vape pens. We also offer Swarovski crystal vape pens and cool glow-in-the-dark vape pens, custom wholesale glass pipes and bongs with one-of-a-kind designs, and other cute smoking accessories like grinders, rolling trays, and glass pipes.

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Unique Bongs and Pipes

We couldn’t forget about bongs and glass pipes! Just like our vape pens, our bongs and glass pipes feature cute designs, colors, shapes, and styles for every style and personality. Explore our selection of artistic bongs to get a little taste of StayLit Design!

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Are there any benefits to buying wholesale glass pipes, bongs, and vapes?

Absolutely! Buying bongs and vape pens in bulk offers your business a wider product selection and lower per-unit costs, helping you save money!

Why choose StayLit Design wholesale vape pens over other vapes?

Our vinyl skins are durable, hold color well, and don’t have any bubbling because we print the vinyl designs and wrap them ourselves. And we may be biased, but we have awesome, one-of-a-kind designs that match every personality and outfits for the week.

How do your glass pipe and bong designs differ?

We’re all about rocking to your own unique style, which is why we offer wholesale bongs and wholesale glass pipes that feature every color, theme, and style. These are true collectors items! Imagine every color of the rainbow, plus designs with monsters, sweet treats, cute furry friends, and so much more!