Quality Wholesale Vape Pens

When it comes to purchasing bulk order vape pens, you’ll come across two things: vape pens that are cheap and defective, or well-designed vape pens that are, unfortunately, overpriced. At StayLit Design, we are proud to offer affordable and high-quality wholesale vape pens from the most popular brands like our StayLit Design branded 510 Thread pens, Stiiizy, Biiig Stiiizy, and PlugPlay. We also offer vape pens with Swarovski crystals and cool glow in the dark vape pens, along with other vaping accessories like grinders, rolling trays, and glass pipes.

Work with StayLit Design

StayLit Design was founded in 2016 with this question: where were all the pretty vape pens hiding? We decided to take matters into our own hands and custom-design unique and durable vinyl skins, which we hand-apply to the vape pen with a process that doesn’t make those annoying bubbles. These are original manufactured vape pens, with the battery and charger included. The only thing your customers will need to buy is the pods!

Order Wholesale Vape Pens Today

We offer bulk orders to both individuals and businesses. Whether you are looking for vapes we have on our website, or you’re wanting something completely custom, we have you covered. If you have any questions, special requests, or want to talk to us about getting a wholesale order started, head over to the Contact Us page, or email annalisa@staylitdesign.com.