14mm Glass Bowls, Ash Catchers, Bangers & Replacement Chargers

You know what your bongs and dab rigs are missing? The exciting accessories to match! Have fun with the adorable land and sea critters, enjoy a sweet treat, and get weird in the best way with little monsters or a crazy bat. Get ready to take your smoke sesh to a whole new level with our playful collection of glass bowls, bangers, and replacement USB 510 chargers!

Accessorize Your Smoke

One look at our vape skins, glass bongs for sale, and other artistic bongs, and you can probably guess that we’ve got a thing for creating exclusive designs you can’t get anywhere else. You didn’t think we’d forget about your cool accessories, did you? We’ve taken the same one-of-a-kind designs and styles you love and brought them to you with your glass bowls and ash catchers. There’s something for everyone, too! Find a sea creature or mermaid to go with your under the sea bong, find an accessory to go full pretty in pink, or mix and match themes to make it your own!


Are these 14mm glass bowls compatible with your glass bongs?

They sure are! You can get a bowl as a replacement or to switch things up with your smoke sessions.

What are the benefits of glass bowls?

Glass is easy to clean and loved for its durability and smooth, clean hits.

Do your accessories match the dab rigs and bongs in your collections?

Yes, you can choose to stay in-theme or mix and match!

Explore Exclusive Designs 

It may sound cliche, but there’s nothing more stylish than being unique. From your dab rigs to the 14mm glass bowl on your bong, StayLit Design is here to make that a reality. Explore our collections today or make a custom order to get started showing off your personality in style!