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Back to school is approaching for college students, and you know what that means: back-to-school shopping! While books, notebooks, and maybe some number two pencils are a given, smokers need just a few more items on the list. Here’s our guide to the stoner supplies, gadgets, and dorm room must-haves that’ll make this college semester one for the books.
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If you survey a group of smokers to find out the smoking apparatus that they’ve just got to have, the likelihood that they’ll end up answering bong or pipe is pretty great. Not that you would be taking random surveys, but the bottom line is that they’re widely considered to be the staples of the smoke community. 

That doesn’t mean you want any bong, though – you want style. Keep reading to discover the 7 best custom-blown glass bongs and pipes to add a little flair to your next smoke.

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Dad adores feeling the love and being the center of attention on Father’s Day. Getting a new tie year after year as his Father’s Day gift? Probably not his favorite (though he’d never tell). Sure, ties are a classic gift, but don’t you want to give him a little something that he’ll actually be excited about – and not tuck away in the back of his closet? This is your year to impress dear old dad with your awesome gift-giving skills by appealing to the stoner in him. Smoking dads will love the six unique Father’s Day gifts in our guide.
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Between the warm weather, beach days in bikinis, and laid back vibes, there’s a lot to love about sweet summertime. As the days get longer and the sunshine rolls in, change begins. With afternoons spent by the pool, to full-on relaxing like it's your job, summer is the best time to give yourself artistic bongs, vapes, and pipes to add to your collection.
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