Our vaping blog is meant to give you the vaping news and industry insight you want when it comes to vaping better and living your life on your terms. We cover the latest gear to enter the scene, trends that are catching the interest of the big manufacturers and social influencers, and the latest on legislative action which could affect your clouds. We’re passionate about vaping and standing out from the crowd. We're bringing you the info that you’ll want to know so your lifestyle can StayLit.

Looking for a way to get into the Halloween spirit? There are many options to choose from when it comes to vaping and smoking devices that are perfect for the holiday. Whether you're looking for something festive to smoke out of or just want to add a little bit of Halloween flair to your vaping experience, it's easy to find Halloween-themed vape pens, Halloween pipes and bongs, dab rigs, and more at StayLit Design!
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If you're like most couples, you probably want to find unique and fun ways to celebrate your wedding. If cannabis is legal in your state, why not consider hosting a weed wedding? This can be a great way to show your guests just how cool, relaxed, and down-to-earth you are. Not only will they get to enjoy a weed-infused ceremony and reception, but they'll also go home with some amazing party favors. 

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Skip the roses, macaroni necklace (hey, we don’t judge), and generic spa sets this Mother’s Day and give Mom a gift she’ll actually love: some sweet vaping accessories. From girl-boss style grinders to sparkly girl vape pens, we have seven gifts that are as unique as you and your mom’s relationship. If your mom likes to toke up occasionally (or not so occasionally), she’ll love our exclusively-designed vape gift sets every day of the year.
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There’s nothing worse than taking a nice, deep hit of your vape pen only to find that it tastes a little off. As much as we hate to hear it, you should probably be cleaning your vape pen at least once a week—and depending on how much vaping you do, it may even need to be more than that.
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A vaping blog should do more than just offer product reviews. After all, if we didn’t believe in one of our products, we wouldn’t be selling it. While we offer plenty of content about some of our favorite vapes, we’ll also cover the vaping news that keeps you informed about the latest science, health information, and regulatory action. That way you are a better informed consumer about how you spend your vaping dollars.

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While Vaping will always be our primary passion, our customers have made it clear they want to see the same StayLit stylings expanded into other areas of their lives. That’s why we’ve started offering the best smoking glass and accessories to fit their personalities when they want a different kind of cloud. You can believe we’re bringing the same energy to smoking topics that we cover.

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