Smoke With Your Favorite Characters: Novelty Bongs, Themed Glass Pipes, & More

Many connoisseurs like a little extra fun with their sesh. So, StayLit Design has curated a collection of your favorite characters in the form of themed glass pipes, novelty bongs, vape pens, and accessories! Stay lit and chill with fantasy characters that add something special to your smoke session. 

Let’s get to know some of the fun and kooky characters you’ll find here.

“Time to Float”

Themed glass pipe rig with green neck and clown face with the legend “Float Down Here

Is it time that you put a fork in your terror of clowns? This Clown Horror Movie Water Pipe/Dab Rig can serve as your clown anxiety therapist! Nothing says, “Get over it!” like a clown’s face grinning at you maniacally as you indulge.

And while you’re recovering from your clown phobia, you’ll be enjoying the merits of this handblown, borosilicate glass dab rig!

“It’s Pretty Much a Narnia Thing”

Rick Sanchez’s head at top of the glass dab tool on white background

Who doesn’t love Rick Sanchez? And who wouldn’t love to get their bake on with this cynical, interdimensional codger? With StayLit Design, you can!

Our 5” glass Mad Scientist Dab Tool features the snaggle-toothed likeness of Rick and Morty’s cranky mad scientist affixed to one end. Give him a piece of your mind or nod solemnly in agreement as you partake. Either way, Rick’s always on your side with this mad, cool tool. Use it with any themed glass pipes or novelty bongs.

“Team Rocket Blasting Off at the Speed of Light”

Colorful rolling tray with curved edges, printed with the word “Smokemon

But before you blast off, you’ll need a rolling tray to eliminate waste and keep everything where you want it to be! For that purpose, the Smokemon Characters Rolling Tray keeps things tidy. Printed on tin, this rolling tray comes with its own rolling mat/cover.

Featuring curved edges and all your favorite Pokemon characters on this professionally-printed item, you’ll get more in your themed glass pipes and novelty bongs and less on the floor!

Themed Glass Pipes that Blind You With Science


Example of novelty bongs printed with rainbow iridescent graphics is held against a background of foliage

There’s no character more colorful than a mad scientist. StayLit Design knows that, so here’s one of our most scientifically-oriented glass smoking pipes – the Rainbow Iridescent Mad Scientist Glass Water Pipe/Dab Rig.

Shaped like a laboratory beaker and printed with rainbow iridescent graphics, this rig comes equipped with both a Martini bowl and a dab bowl. Hand blown in Los Angeles, this borosilicate glass water pipe is scientifically calibrated to deliver an empirically measurable high.

Vape Pens Boldly Go Where Novelty Bongs Don’t

Wrapped vape printed with spooky Halloween characters on white background with charger

The convenience of the rechargeable vape pen can’t be denied. And when you get yours from StayLit Design, you get something you can’t get elsewhere. Our vape pens include both battery and charger. That’s a first! They’re also hand-wrapped in high-quality vinyl that’s distinctive, loaded with personality and won’t rub off on your hands during use.

Tuck this 510 Threaded Battery Halloween Horror Characters Vape Pen Starter Kit in your pocket and head out. Its long-lasting lithium battery keeps you happy all day. With 3 voltage presets, you’re good to go with even the thickest (or thinnest) wax, oil, or concentrate. Wrapped in spooky Halloween characters, you won’t need to dig out the sheet/”ghost drag” you wore to last year’s Halloween party. You’re all costumed up!

“A Pikachu Cannot Defeat Mewtwo in Battle”

Colorful rolling tray and magnetic cover, featuring the image of Pokemon character Mewtwo

Ah, Mewtwo -- a mighty feline-human hybrid of psychic powers. Contemplate the endearing weirdness of Pokemon, as you get your sesh rolling on this Mewtwo-inspired Mewtwo Pokemon Magnetic Rolling Tray With Lid, keeping your sesh as tidy and waste-free as possible.

With a magnetic rolling mat/cover, your cannabis is contained, neat, and not on the floor. And that’s good news for your themed glass pipes and novelty bongs, as they’ll be full and frisky and not sad about your weed being sucked into the vacuum cleaner. Like Mewtwo, you become unbeatable with this professionally-printed metal tray!

Themed Glass Pipes, Novelty Bongs, and More at StayLit Design

Just when you thought StayLit Design couldn’t get any cooler, we surprise you! With Shop Drops that amaze with innovation and our groundbreaking, hand-wrapped vape pens, you’ll always find something new. And don’t forget to stop by our Halloween Drop in time to place your order!

Smoke with your favorite characters and some of the highest-quality, unique products you’ve ever seen at StayLit Design. And remember, your order of $75 or more gets you a free gift! Browse our collections of fine smoking aids to discover relaxation and pleasure that’s founded on quality and innovation.

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