Custom Herb Grinders

Get your grind on at the club, gym, or backyard party with our custom herb grinders. We carry unique grinders that give you consistent-sized material perfect for rolling, packing bowls, or loading a dry vape. Just load your herb in and twist it up for material that gives you a solid burn and thicker clouds. Quit breaking your smoking material up by hand and start smoking faster, better, and smarter today.

Cute Grinders Designed For Better Smoking

Our custom herb grinders give you a premium grind while showing off your personal flair, making them perfect for chilling at home or hanging with friends.

  • Our 4-piece metal zinc-alloy grinder is perfect for herbs, spices, and other foliage
  • Three container design is held together by powerful magnets and polymer O-rings for easy carrying
  • Comes with lid, base, grinder, pollen-screen, and pollen scraper
  • 2 inches (50mm) tall with a 2-inch (50mm) diameter for compact, go-anywhere grinding
  • Separate chambers store raw material, ground material, and pollen
  • Domestic US orders ship from our Los Angeles processing center

Quality Smoking Accessories

We’re known for our custom vapes, but we’re ready to help you look great however you take your smoke. If you have any questions, contact our customer service team today. Order cute grinders online from StayLit Design today.