Sexy Stonie After Dark: Unique Sex Toys

Calling all of our sexy stonies! Looking to spice up your next intimate session? Variety is the spice of life, and we sure do like it spicy! Add a little sugar, a lot of spice, and everything nice to your next intimate sesh with unique adult toys made with your wants and needs in mind. With this jaw-dropping selection of cute little vibrators and crystal plugs to large colorful dildos, shopping for adult toys has never been more fun.

You Can’t Get Enough of These Crystal Sex Toys

Finding the kind of adult toys you want online can be difficult. You don’t want the same old shapes, colors, and designs – and you certainly don’t always want things to be so serious. StayLit Design is here to make shopping for adult toys fun! We’ve created a collection of vibrant and unique sex toys that come in different colors and shapes that you’ll love, like Rainbow Fox Tail Anal Plugs and Cute Rabbit Pocket Vibrators. Whether you’re partnered or enjoying some solo time, there’s a unique adult toy (or two!) in our collection that’s waiting for you.

Feel a Different Kind of Vibe

Make a statement inside and out with StayLit Design. We specialize in making you feel like you. That’s why we offer a huge selection of vape skin pens, custom glass pipes and bongs, and cute smoking accessories that were created to help you to show off your unique personality and flair. Exclusively designed and made in-house, you never have to settle for less than the best for your sexy self again. We want you to feel the vibe, whether that’s with your magical mushroom smoking pipe or a cute little crystal sex toy. If you’ve got questions, don’t be shy! Please feel free to reach out to us.

Start exploring our collection of vapes, pipes, and unique sex toys to spice up your life today. As if that wasn’t already exciting enough, you get a free gift when you spend $75. Better get shopping!


What are the best materials for sex toys?

When it comes to materials, you want your sex toy to be two things: safe and enjoyable. Non-porous toys like super-bendy silicone, durable borosilicate glass, and crystal sex toys are exactly what you want for a safe and sexy sesh.

What makes StayLit Design sex toys unique?

You know that boring is so not our style – the same goes for our sex toys! Rainbow colors? Yep. Eye-catching crystal? Of course! One-of-a-kind designs that are playfully sexy? We wouldn’t give you anything less.

How do I clean my sex toys?

It’s not as daunting as it seems, we promise. Since silicone crystal toys are non-porous, mild, preferably unscented soap and warm water or a sex toy cleaning solution or wash will do you just fine. If it’s non-motorized (like a silicone dildo), you can put your unique little sex toy in the dishwasher!