Yellow-tacular: Yellow Bongs, Dab Rigs, and Glass Pipes

Step into the vibrant world of our Sunshine Bliss Collection, a dazzling array of yellow dab pens, glass pipes, and bongs that radiate warmth and positivity. Embrace the golden hues of happiness as you explore this collection, where each piece is a burst of sunshine in your smoking experience!

Bask in Sunshine Bliss 

From the luminous glow of sunny-colored bongs to the sleek design of yellow dab rigs and the portable charm of golden hand pipes, our collection has something for every connoisseur who appreciates the joy of vibrant aesthetics. Cute animals. Tropical fruits. Pretty flowers. Yellow becomes more than just a color with these custom glass pipes – it’s a statement of happiness, energy, and good vibes. 

Each yellow dab rig and pipe is crafted with precision and style to ensure your smoking rituals are as bright and cheerful as the color itself. Elevate your smoke smoking sessions with the warmth of yellow bongs and let the sunshine accompany every puff!


Which of these glass pipes/dab rigs is the cutest?

With the insane cuteness of ducks, flowers and bees, pineapples, and more of these exclusive designs, there’s no way we could choose!

How do I match smoking accessories to my yellow dab pen or glass pipe?

Complement your sunny dab pen, glass pipe, or bong with one of the yellow-tacular accessories in this collection! If you don’t want anything too matchy-matchy, check out our other cute smoking accessories.

What are the benefits of these yellow bongs?

Made of durable materials like borosilicate glass, silicone, and ceramic, these bongs were designed to elevate any smoke sesh with their smooth hits. Plus, their bright, lemon hues deliver the happiness and style you deserve from your smoke tools!

Have a Sunny Smoke Experience

Break away from the dark clouds that are boring bongs, and let the rays shine through with our radiant Sunshine Bliss Collection. And if you need a little more cheer, bring some vibrance with an orange bong, crystal bong, or one of our pink bongs! Choose the sunshine that suits your style and brighten up your collection today!