Dab Accesories

Custom Dab Accessories

Looking to up your dab game? You’ve come to the right place. At StayLit Design, we believe nothing should be too blah. No longer do your handy dab accessories have to be boring! From glass dab rigs to carb caps, we have everything you need to create a unique experience right here in our shop. Put your personality into your next sesh with customizable accessories from StayLit Design.

Every Dabber’s Dream

We have carb caps for sale and all other dab enhancements you could dream of. Explore our selection and see what speaks to your specific preferences. At StayLit Design, we believe that “blah” should be removed from every person’s vocabulary. That’s why we’ve provided all the necessary dab accessories and tools for you to spice up your next session. Treat yourself to a cool new dab mat, dab tool, carb cap, or some terp pearls, and make your next sesh that much more enjoyable.

Bring purpose to your next smoking or vaping sesh with help from the team at StayLit Design. We understand the need for doing everything big, and we’ve provided you with the tools required to make the most out of your favorite hobby. Don’t bother half-assing what you love — get more out of your dab and stay lit in style.

Say Goodbye to Boring with StayLit Design

StayLit Design is here to help you show off your personality. We prioritize unparalleled customer service. Simply reach out to our friendly staff here if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.