Crimson Heaven: Red Bongs, Dab Rigs, Glass Pipes

If you’re looking for a bold, showstopper of a bong, we think you may have just found your happy place. Our Crimson Heaven drop is home to red dab rigs and glass pipes that deliver big-time on style, fiery passion, and quality craftsmanship you’ll definitely want to show off. With its unique designs all featuring captivating shades of red, this collection is heaven indeed. Shop now!

Indulge in the Power Color

Like cars at a red traffic light, you’ll stop right in your tracks when you see the crimson in our drop. That may sound dramatic, but you haven’t seen the red bongs and red glass pipes in the collection, yet. There’s a one-of-a-kind design for every smokin’, crimson hot bong lover at StayLit Design. Feeling cute? We have adorable fruit dab rigs. Feeling playful? You’re going to need a quirky mushroom or octopus hand pipe. Explore our selection to create your own crimson heaven at home!


How often should I clean my red glass pipe/bong?

We want your awesome red bong design to keep looking that way, even after you’ve had it a while. You should clean it around once a week to prevent build-up and maintain your smoke experience. Read about vape & bong maintenance to learn more.

What’s the best material for bongs and dab rigs?

High-quality glass is always a great choice for its smooth hits and water filtration, while silicone is one of the best materials for portability and flexibility.

How do I choose which red dab rig to get?

Decisions, decisions. Flowers and fruit are always stylish choices, and they’ll go with just about every outfit in your wardrobe. Think about your style and listen to the call of crimson!

Making Your Crimson Dreams Come True

The Shop Drops at StayLit Design are a treat for your eyes and your smoke sesh. We’re giving you nothing but style, personality, and the quality you expect from your smoke tools and cute smoking accessories. No boring bongs allowed. Be bold with a red bong, go pretty in pink, find hand-wrapped vape skins for every day of the week, and more! As if that weren't enough reason to shop, we even offer a free gift with $75+ orders.