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We know you have thoughts about our custom-wrapped vape pens, custom glass pipes, and accessories. We want to hear them! Get compliments? Can’t stop staring at that one-of-a-kind design? Share with your fellow stylish smokers (and us!) exactly what you think of your purchase!

Sharing is Caring

Everyone loves shopping for clothes, shoes, and other goodies online and discovering reviews that have shared helpful comments about their purchases. The same goes for vapes and bongs! It’s super helpful for others like you to read reviews so they can make that final decision, which we all know can take forever when there are so many awesome designs to choose from.

Your reviews also help us! We exclusively design our vinyl skins and artistic bong collections for you at StayLit Design, so you can show off your personality in style. Let us know what you think so we can keep leveling up with our designs that are as original as you are.

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