Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts

A red rose covered in dark pink smoke

You may already have February 14 circled in red on next year’s calendar but what about gifts? For that special connoisseur in your life, StayLit Design brings you a lively selection of cute pipes, our revolutionary vape pens, and a cavalcade of snazzy accessories to celebrate love in style.

StayLit Design stocks a lively selection of smoking apparatuses and accessories, created with your individuality in mind. Valentine’s Day is for lovers and so is StayLit Design, offering high-quality, innovative product lines that raise the bar. So, get out that gift list, and let’s see what we have in store for cannabis-crossed lovers.

Cute Pipes With Romantic Details

Cute pipes in pink with crystals and charms on gray background

StayLit Design’s pipes are irresistibly lovable, starting with the Pink Swirl Heart Crystal Hand Pipe, fairly dripping with romantic Swarovski crystals and pretty, heart-shaped charms.

A heart-shaped bong says it with flowers and borosilicate glass. Blown by hand in Los Angeles this baby keeps love front and center at every sesh. As thermal resistant as it is beautiful, the Pink Floral Heart Glass Pipe/Dab Rig is made for lovers.

But if you’re looking for less seasonally-themed, unique Valentine’s gifts and still thinking “cute pipes,” visit our glorious selection of BHP-free, silicone water pipes and rigs or our superior quality glass dab rigs. At StayLit, there’s something for every hopeless romantic.

New Relationship? How About Accessories?

Lilac rolling tray with Snow White smoking and surrounded by woodland animals

Our range of accessories presents a great way to signal your interest, esteem, or urgent lust. So visit our extensive collection of quality pot peripherals for gift ideas for the less committed lover! From grinders to dab accessories, you’ll find fine session helpers in our selection of fine cannabis smoking peripherals. Give a cleverly tidy gift from our selection of attractive graphic rolling trays.

From cute pipes to sassy bongs, StayLit Design has something for all you lovestruck connoisseurs, whether you’re ready to make it legal or just passing through.

Vape Pens Make Unique Valentine’s Gifts

Vape pen printed with red hearts and crystals

StayLit Design has broken the vape pen mold to bring you a more personalized version. Working with extraordinary partners like Stiizy and 510 Thread, we offer superior quality in a revolutionary vape pen that comes with its own battery and charger. Then, we hand-wrap these beauties with the embracing love of our unique skins.

The result is a first-of-its-kind product, delivering quality, convenience, and value in one beautiful vape. And the skin won’t transfer to your hands or bubble when heated because our vinyl skins start with outstanding quality and end with thoughtful hand application.

Give the apple of your eye a vape pen that matches their swell pantsuit, bling it up, or go the romantic route with the Stiizy Pen Red Hearts Red Crystal Valentine’s vape. Whether you choose from our selection of cute pipes or revolutionary vape pens, you’re getting something special. And if you want a custom skin, just ask. We love custom orders, so they’re always welcome.

But If Cannabis Brought You Together…

StayLit Design Kawaii Rig Gift Box is one of the brand’s many unique Valentine’s gifts

If you and the object of your affection met over a smoldering bong, then maybe you should look at the unique Valentine’s gifts from the StayLit Design Party Box selection. Our array of convenient party-in-a-box offerings includes themed sets, mystery boxes, and so many tantalizing options. Our branded pink gift box oozes the rose-tinted passion of love – especially love born over a smoldering bong.

Get intentional with cute pipes to share on more than one enchanted evening. Preview a blissful future of vacations together in paradise with the StayLit Design Kawaii Rig Gift Box. We’ve got what you need to celebrate your lovers’ journey with all the high-quality gear for smokers of fine flowers you love birds need.

Cute Pipes Are for Lovers

Lovers of all kinds, both eternal and transient, love Valentine’s Day and so do your friends at StayLit Design. We exist because of our love for creating customized vape pens that serve you with consistent and guaranteed quality. If your pen doesn’t work the way it’s designed to, return it to us, and we’ll send you a new one. Because we love you!

Our extraordinary collections are designed for you. We know that the same old gunmetal gray vape pen can’t possibly express your personality, so StayLit Design has changed the game with a level of personalization that takes vaping off the hook.

Unique Valentine’s Gifts at StayLit Design

Love is a many-splendored thing, so StayLit Design has assembled collections that speak to all kinds of love. From cute pipes to fantasy bongs, StayLit Design offers a range of spectacular gifts for cannabis-loving lovers. And if your order’s $75 or more, you get a free gift!

Our exclusively designed vinyl skins await your customization and your lover awaits that special StayLit Design gift that means so much. Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers and happy gift shopping!

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