StayLit Design Party Boxes

Share the Love with Vape Gifts & Smoking Kits

Get the party started with vape gifts and smoking kits from StayLit Design! Every party box includes a custom vinyl-wrapped 510 battery, a rolling tray, and a grinder. Plus, each box will have a surprise mystery gift! Grab a party box today and share your love for vaping in style.

Custom-Wrapped High-Quality Vape Pens

510 vape pens are the most popular choice among our customers, and for good reason! These well-made vape pens work with a variety of cartridges, including oils and waxes. Whether your friend prefers tobacco, cannabis, or CBD, these vape gifts are sure to please. The portable 510 vape pen is easy to use with the push of a button, and its small size makes it great for tucking away on your travels. Gift your buddies with a party set that matches their personality, and they’ll be excited to show it off everywhere they go!

Share Your Love for StayLit Design

With a party box from StayLit Design, you can make sure your friends are vaping in style just like you. With a unique 510 vape pen, rolling tray, and grinder, they’ll be the center of attention. The two of you will turn heads with your custom-wrapped vape pens and unique style.

Explore our collection now and order vape gifts and smoking kits for all of your friends! Our durable, high-quality vape pens and smoking accessories bring a little bit more fun to all of your smoke sessions. Show off your personality in style with StayLit Design!