A Smoker’s Guide to Back-to-School Stoner Supplies

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Back to school is approaching for college students, and you know what that means: back-to-school shopping! While books, notebooks, and maybe some number two pencils are a given, smokers need just a few more items on the list. Here’s our guide to the stoner supplies, gadgets, and dorm room must-haves that’ll make this college semester one for the books.

The Art Major Favorite

white, black, and red Cruella heady glass bong

Back to school is the best time to try something creative and new, whether that’s a fun elective or joining a club. It’s an even better time to get creative with your stoner gadgets! Take a rip in style this school year with our heady glass pipes collection. These pipes and bongs are true works of art, effortlessly uniting design, form, and function for your smoking pleasure. Heady glass pieces are known for their breathtaking designs, making them just the type of artwork you need in your dorm to impress the new roommates.

The Big Bong

large glass zombie bong

Glass pipes, dab rigs, and vape pens will always be considered supplies that every stoner needs in their arsenal. A statement-maker and dorm room must-have, large bongs are just what you need after a long day of classes. Who wouldn’t smile after seeing a 2-foot bong with a unique design sitting on their desk? With zombies, red crystal hearts, and more, you won’t want to put this bong in your closet.

Your Serving of Fruit

red apple glass hand pipe

The college diet is famous – packaged ramen, cafeteria meals, and fast food. You’ve got to make sure to get your fruits and veggies! We’ve got you covered with the fruit serving with our juicy fruit bongs and pipes. Close enough, right? Featuring favorites like watermelons, cherries, and strawberries, it’s like an entire fruit bowl in one collection. If you’re looking for extra studious stoner supplies, nothing says back to school more than a red apple hand pipe.

On-the-Go Silicone Pipe

two unicorn silicone water pipes

Don’t let trying to balance your classes, studying, typing papers, and having a social life stop you from enjoying a smoke sesh! While we love intricate heady glass and large bongs, they’re stoner supplies that are best for impressive sessions at home. Busy days call for something a little more portable, like a silicone pipe. If you’ve got a schedule packed to the brim, you should move this to the top of your must-have stoner gadgets list – pronto. Made of super flexible and durable silicone, these pipes are practically made for on-the-go. They’re also super heat-resistant!

Custom Vape Pen

holographic custom vape pen

You’re a busy college student, meaning you’re in serious need of stoner supplies that are portable. Smokers everywhere choose vape pens because they’re easy to throw in your pocket or bag and head out the door. We’re not talking about packing those boring, basic vapes with you. Liven up your after-class smoke sesh with custom vape skins that show off your personality and style. We carry exclusive designs that have been hand-applied in-house around vape brands you know and love like Biiig Stiiizy. With styles like bling crystals and unicorn holographics, you’ll want vinyl skins that will match every outfit and daily mood.

One-of-a-Kind Grinder

bacon and eggs herb grinder

No list of back-to-school stoner supplies is complete without accessories. You’re busy. You don’t have time to sit and break your product up by hand until it reaches your desired consistency. A custom herb grinder is the stoner gadget to the rescue! Grinders do the work for you, quickly giving you consistently-sized material without the extra work. Plus, their compact size makes them perfect for taking with you on the go!

These aren’t your average grinders, though. Featuring unique finds like cute animal and sweet treat grinders and alien grinders, you’ll stand out wherever you are on and off campus.

Summer-Themed Bong

iridescent shark glass water pipe

Some students are excited to go back to school, while others are already dreaming of next summer. If the latter sounds like you, a vape, bong, or pipe from our Under the Sea drop is just what you need on your back-to-school stoner supplies list. Choose from the cutest magical mermaids, and cool ocean views, and sea animal glass pipes. Even when you’re sitting in your dorm room typing up that last-minute paper, you’ll be soaking up all the vibes of summer.

Back-to-School Stoner Gadgets

woman smoking vape outside

Being a college student can be a lot, we get it. StayLit Design is here to make shopping for back-to-school stoner supplies a little easier, offering you collections of vape pens, pipes, and accessories that are equal parts stylish and easy to use. And don’t forget to check out our smokin’ deals and steals to get great discounts on all of your dorm room must-haves before classes start. We’ll even give you a free gift on your order over $75!

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