PlugPlay White Cherries Battery Starter Kit
PlugPlay White Cherries Battery Starter Kit
PlugPlay White Cherries Battery Starter Kit

PlugPlay White Cherries Battery Starter Kit

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Amp Up Your Vaping Experience with Our White Cherries PlugPlay Skin

We added a hot PlugPlay skin to one of the leading batteries on the market today to give you a vaping experience that looks as good as it feels. PlugPlay vapes are slim and discreet, but they aren’t much to look at. We add a professionally-applied vinyl skin to give it a fresh new look that shows off your personality without affecting the easy-to-use performance. Get a better vaping experience with the extra flair you want!

Custom Vinyl-Wrapped Vapes

Each of our starter kits is made with an authentic vape still sealed from the manufacturer. We apply your chosen PlugPlay skin, then ship it fast so you can get the clouds you need.

  • Kit contains your customized 500 mAh PlugPlay battery and a charger to keep you topped up.
  • Easy-to-use single-button design. Just turn it on and hold the button to fire the coil and start vaping.
  • Each charge gives you approximately 350 puffs.
  • PlugPlay Plugs are sold separately by your favorite retailers.
  • Hand-wrapped in a durable vinyl skin to eliminate bubbling.
  • Fade-resistant printing to keep your vape looking fresher longer.
  • Each vape is made to order. Just choose your favorite design and we’ll customize your battery just for you.

Vape Your Way

It’s never been easier to get a customized vape that expresses your personality. We have a wide range of designs, each professionally applied to authentic, top-tier hardware. If you have questions about any of our vaping or smoking accessories, contact us for more information. Order your white cherries PlugPlay skin starter kit from StayLit Design today.

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