510 Threaded Battery Light Pink Glitter Vape Pen
510 Threaded Battery Light Pink Glitter Vape Pen
510 Threaded Battery Light Pink Glitter Vape Pen
510 threaded pink vape pen
glitter pink cart battery
glitter pink 510 battery
510 video

510 Threaded Battery Light Pink Glitter Vape Pen

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You heard it here first: glitter pink is the new black. Lose the drab vape skins with zero personality and treat yourself by adding some color to your next vape sesh with this pink 510 battery. With its vibrant, glittery pink goodness, you’ll be turning heads wherever you go. 

The Coolest Vape Pen on the Block

Just because it’s light pink with glitter doesn’t mean that it can’t also give you the premium vape experience you want. To put it simply, this pink cart pen is the very definition of the best of both worlds.

  • Includes custom-wrapped pink cart battery and USB-C charger
  • 350 mAh battery capacity
  • Three voltage settings: 2.6v (white LED), 3.2v (green LED), and 3.8v (red LED)
  • Easy-to-use single-button operation
    • Press 5 times to turn on and off
    • Press and hold to draw
    • Press twice to pre-heat
    • Press 3 times to change temperature
  • Perfect for oils, waxes, and concentrates
  • 3.5” length with 0.5” diameter


How long will my pink vape pen design last if I use it regularly?

These pink cart pens are durable and hold color well, so you don’t need to worry about color fading or coming off on your hands.

Do I need to buy a charger for the pink 510 battery?

No, each battery comes with its own USB-C charger, so you’re all set!

I like this design, but can I get my own custom design?

Of course! We always welcome custom vape wrap designs. Feel free to reach out and we’ll make it happen!

Live Colorfully with a Pink Cart Battery

We’re not hating on black and gray, but sometimes you just need something a little different – especially with your smoke sesh. Show off your sparkly personality with this pink glitter vape pen from StayLit Design! We’re all about keeping things fun and unique, which is why you’ll always find glass bongs for sale, silicone hand pipes, cool vape accessories, and so much more that are designed to fit you. 

Pssst! Are you a pink lover? Make sure you check out our Pretty in Pink collection – an entire collection dedicated to all things pink!

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