510 Threaded Battery Bling Crystal Starter Kit
510 threaded bedazzled pen battery
closeup of bedazzled vinyl skin
bedazzled cart battery
hand holding 510 threaded bling crystal vape

510 Threaded Battery Bling Crystal Starter Kit

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If you’re someone that wants to stand anywhere you go, this is the perfect vape pen for you. This bedazzled pen battery is shiny, eye-catching, and adds just the right amount of sparkle to any outfit or look. Who needs diamonds when you have this blinged-out vape? On second thought, we think we’ll take both.

Up Your Look with a Bedazzled Cart Battery

Get function and style with this 510 threaded battery pen. More than a pretty vape, it comes with a built-in, high-quality lithium battery that lasts all day and variable voltage settings for your ideal smoke experience.

  • 350 mAh battery
  • Variable voltage settings 
    • 2.6v (green), 3.3v (blue), 4.2v (red)
  • Easy one-button controls
    • Press once to check charge
    • Press twice to begin pre-heat
    • Press three times to adjust voltage
    • Press 5 times for on/off
  • Dimensions
    • 3.5” length
    • 0.5” diameter


How durable is the bedazzled cart battery design?

We apply our designs by hand to ensure quality and prevent bubbling. Vape pens should also be kept away from direct sunlight and dust and stored upright as a part of maintenance.

Are 510 threaded batteries better than other vape batteries?

“Better” depends on your preference. 510 vapes are easy to use and versatile, making them a favorite among smokers everywhere. But you can’t go wrong with Stiiizy batteries or Yocan Uni Pro batteries, either.

Can I create my own vape design?

Yes, just contact us! Bling out with this bedazzled pen battery, shop unique designs, and create your own custom vape wrap designs for a vape skin for every day of the week and every outfit.

Never-Boring Designs

We’re passionate about being distinctive and original at StayLit Design. No boring designs here! We want to elevate your smoking experience, which is why we offer tons of cool vape accessories, glass smoking pipes, custom dab rigs, and glass bongs for sale that make your sesh unforgettable. Shop the bedazzled cart battery and more now!

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