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dried floral beaker glass water pipe

Cotton Candy Dried Floral 12in Beaker Glass Water Pipe/Bong

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Let your inner flower child loose at your next sesh. With its vibrant colors and dried florals, this cute beaker bong is Mother Nature at her finest. At 12 in., this beaker bong gives you all the beauty you want in a small package. No matter where you are, you can feel like you’re hanging out in a field of social media-worthy flowers.


  • Hand Blown in Los Angeles, California
  • Pink Bowl and Removable Downstem
  • Dried Floral Added
  • Option for Matching Ash Catcher


  • 12 inches in height
  • 5-inch diameter base

Feel the Flower Power with Cute Beaker Bongs

There’s no need to wait for someone to give you flowers that will just end up wilting away. Give yourself the gift of everlasting flowers with a 12-in. beaker bong with an enviable spread of beautiful dried florals. Unlike those store-bought flowers, this bong is made to last. At StayLit Design, all of our products are made in-house to ensure that you’re getting durable, beautifully designed vape skins, premium artisan heady glass pipes, and custom glass pipes and bongs each time you order. No need to worry about bubbling or color fading or transfer, here! 

A Touch of Artistry

Experience beauty at every smoke sesh. StayLit Design is all about seamlessly combining a touch of artistry with superior craftsmanship. Finding a cute beaker bong shouldn’t mean that you have to sacrifice quality. Expertly designed and crafted, we give you the personalized experience that you want and need. Add something sweet with your florals, take a magical trip under the sea with glass animal pipes, or check out our other cool vape accessories and artistic bongs that’ll make you smile today. Custom designs are always welcome. Get a free gift when you spend $75 or more!

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